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Why is a direct test of IgG better than measuring Total Protein (TP) by refractometry?

Measuring total protein, to indirectly assess IgG status, is not as reliable as directly measuring IgG. Total protein results can be influenced by a number of factors unrelated to IgG status such as the accuracy of the individual refracometer, dehydration, infection, inflammation and even whether they have received maternal colostrum or a colostrum replacer1. Furthermore, it is recognised that the correlation of total protein with IgG becomes far less relaible in calves over seven days of age and therefore it is recommended as a technique for measuring IgG in calves only less than a week of age.

1 Accuracy of refractometry as an indirect method to measure failed transfer of passive immunity in dairy calves fed colostrum replacer and maternal colostrum. A. J. Lopez et al. J. Dairy Sci. 104:2032–2039

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