About ImmunIGY Bovine IgG

What is the test?

The test is able to rapidly and reliably demonstrate the level of antibodies (IgG) present in calves up to 42 days of age. Using a novel lancet, blood samples can be collected by anyone.

The IgG level indicates whether the calf has received sufficient, high quality colostrum in the correct time frame. This is critical as calves which did not receive enough colostrum in the correct time frame, are at higher risk of infectious disease and tend not to perform as well throughout their life. This is known as failure of passive transfer or partial passive transfer.

To learn more about this, visit ‘The Importance of Colostrum’ page.

]ImmunIGY Bovine IgG test
bottle fed calf

Farmers producing and/or rearing calves

Routine monitoring of IgG status, enabling management changes and identification of higher risk individuals, will:

  • Reduce the risk & incidence of neonatal disease
  • Reduce time & labour treating sick calves
  • Reduce antibiotic treatments
  • Reduce disease related lifelong productivity impacts
  • Support achievement of productivity targets

For veterinary surgeons and animal health advisors

The test provides the following benefits:

  • Simple to use on farm & in practice
  • Direct measure of IgG- no need to rely on an estimate from total plasma proteins
  • Fully quantitative, reporting IgG levels in mg/mL
  • Blood sample for running the test acquired via a lancet providing an easy sampling technique
  • Simple to use LFD (lateral flow device) test that delivers a rapid result
  • Validated against laboratory-based methods
  • Requires no special preparation (e.g. centrifugation)
mother cow and calf
immune product

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