Laura Chesters, MRCVS
Laura Chesters, MRCVS

The impacts of failure of passive transfer are something we see regularly as vets and can have a detrimental effect on youngstock health through to adulthood. The ImmunIGY test is another tool in our arsenal that we can use to assess the colostrum management on farms in real-time, which unlike other passive transfer tests, can be used reliably up to 42 days of age. I see this being particularly useful in calf rearing units to identify calves with increased risk of disease or slower growth based on their IgG level. I found the test very quick and easy to use with minimal stress to the calf and the fact results can be produced while still on farm within 10 minutes is impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend this test to clients and calf rearers that want more information about the stock they are purchasing.

  • Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS
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